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Parlor Tricks

In my lifetime, I’ve encountered many parlors—living room, beauty, and funeral, but until last year the “tattoo” variety of the species had eluded me.  When my friend, Elise informed me of her plans to get a tattoo to celebrate turning forty, I … Continue reading

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Squeezed Out

“What’s wrong with butthole, everybody’s got one,” said Big Don my latest dream date with a look of total surprise on his face. I watched in horror as Mama spewed her wine across her fancy linen tablecloth, and Daddy nearly … Continue reading

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Regardless of What You’ve Heard..Frog Giggin’ Ain’t Romantic!

Ice-cold watermelon, front porch swings, barefootin,’ and catching lightning bugs in a jar. Ah, the “frog days” of summer. Frog days? Did I say frog days? You bet I did!

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