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Squeezed Out

“What’s wrong with butthole, everybody’s got one,” said Big Don my latest dream date with a look of total surprise on his face. I watched in horror as Mama spewed her wine across her fancy linen tablecloth, and Daddy nearly … Continue reading

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Regardless of What You’ve Heard..Frog Giggin’ Ain’t Romantic!

Ice-cold watermelon, front porch swings, barefootin,’ and catching lightning bugs in a jar. Ah, the “frog days” of summer. Frog days? Did I say frog days? You bet I did!

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Beehive Blues

A lot of you had my Mama for a teacher. Many of you have commented over the years about her resemblance to Doris Day, but what you may not realize was what was going really going on underneath that flawlessly … Continue reading

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